About midday today, this popped into my email inbox at work:

Now of course, you know the Tipsy Kitten would never do this kind of thing. On the off-chance she changes her mind, I’m careful not to leave yarny things unattended. I don’t want to find half-knitted projects used for kitty pillows! Also, the resident felines vastly prefer chewing on bamboo needles to slurping yarn so I’ll take what I can get, will keep my needles out of reach, and am happy that most of the time when I knit, I look across the room to see this:

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One Response to “ha!”

  1. tifoli Says:

    That was very funny! My cat leaves my yarns alone but he steals my elastic hair bands. I always have to look for them in his food bowl. For some reason he likes to have them around when he is eating his dry food

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