40 isn’t actually old, is it?

September 22, 2012

We went to the Nationals game tonight and we got our Natitude on! Yes, they are going to the post season but no, tonight they did not win because those pesky Brewers turned things around in the last inning. Hmph.

Getting off the train on the way home, I passed a young woman on the platform. Her t-shirt read “LUSH” and people? Seriously, now! Does she not know what that word means? Is her self-esteem really that low? What’s going on here? Which is worse?


Holy my moly . . .

September 12, 2012

I heard about this story on the radio today as I was driving to work. All I could think about was how small those fish totes are . . . sure, they float and I know that well enough, but they are not big. And they are definitely tippy. Being alone out there in a storm sounds terrifying. The radio announcer this morning said that the survivor kept himself focused and positive by singing songs, and specifically mentioned “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Row, Row, Row the Boat”.

I don’t usually re-post but this is a story well worth reading and like the author, I was also tearing up at the end, feeling so very thankful that the Coast Guard and rescue people and the fishing community are so good at what they do.

Enough said, here is a link to the post.

squinty goodness

September 8, 2012

Ooooof! I am so sad that we had so much connectivity trouble while we were on our Great Alaskan Adventure. So many good experiences, so many fun pictures, SO much work getting in the way of blogging now that I’m back! Ah, these are good days . . .

The project of this week has been work on top of work. There are very few side jobs that come along in my life and so I have learned that “Are you available to prep music/work a gig/save my a*^/be a library goddess?” is always YES, even if the gig is in 3 days/there is no rep list/they don’t know what they want or need. You know, like I said before: these are good days.

Said gig wrapped up today and I am happy for the extra dough and free Saturday evening. Seriously people, in the world of the performing arts, when is the last time you worked a gala-style event with a bunch of brand-new music and a cast of thousands AND were home on Saturday night? Has that ever happened to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. These are good days.

And, because I always like to share pictures with you, even if they don’t relate, here’s a good one. It’s all kinds of squinty goodness. That’s right; scroll down a bit, lean way back your chair or even take a couple of steps back. Then squint just a bit and take a good look at what is my favorite picture of my and Mr. TK.

We look so happy! We ARE so happy.

We zoomed up to New York last weekend for a very special wedding and this picture was snapped at the reception. It was a beautiful wedding. They are dear friends and are so, so, so deserving of a lovely and happy life together. We wish them all the very best and look forward to soon joining them in wedded bliss.

I got an email today from the bride and this is what she said: “Married life is awesome! Actually, it’s exactly like pre-married life, but now we get to wear shiny rings all the time. Which is cool.”

Yep. These are good days.


August 30, 2012

About midday today, this popped into my email inbox at work:

Now of course, you know the Tipsy Kitten would never do this kind of thing. On the off-chance she changes her mind, I’m careful not to leave yarny things unattended. I don’t want to find half-knitted projects used for kitty pillows! Also, the resident felines vastly prefer chewing on bamboo needles to slurping yarn so I’ll take what I can get, will keep my needles out of reach, and am happy that most of the time when I knit, I look across the room to see this:

reading material

August 29, 2012

Look! I finally bought a copy of my new favorite book (shown here with a side of Mr. TK’s dinner ingredients):

On the long list of Things I Love in Life, homemade jam, preserves, and compotes rank very high. I’ve never used a recipe. While I have stumbled upon delicious combinations like kumquat-ginger sauce (fantastic with broiled fish, pork, or chicken) or my becoming ever-more popular cranberry-rhubarb-bourbon compote, there are drawbacks to always experimenting.

One time, I made a sauce out of whole oranges that is stranger than it is delicious. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes good, particularly as a filling in chocolate cupcakes. But it took awhile to find a place to use it where I didn’t first wonder what I was thinking when I made it. Is that really the kind of distraction you want as you taste your first bite?

My other major issue is that I don’t have a home canning set-up (or the space to store it!) and until now I’ve been limited to putting fruit in jars and then popping the jars into the freezer. This works but it’s not great. Storage is a problem, mostly because the freezer is easily overcrowded. Also, when I give jars away, I have to remember to caution people to use it right away or freeze it, and that’s not ideal.

Food in Jars is exciting because it is all about small batch recipes, interesting flavor combinations, and sealing jars with equipment I already own. I love being able to use the same tool for multiple purposes and processing in a pasta pot seems just about right.


front page of the newspaper today

August 22, 2012

Check out this slide show of photos from the Anchorage Daily News. The first picture was the above-the-hold from paper edition today.


Adorable, right?

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties

August 21, 2012

Sadly, while I have an internet connection now that we’re back in Kenai, it isn’t strong enough to upload pictures to WordPress. (sigh)

Blogging without pictures feels totally wrong, and so we’ve just been bopping and skipping along, having all kinds of adventures which haven’t been shared and recorded here. I’m a bit concerned that when vacation ends and I have to go home, that I’ll be too busy to get y’all caught up on the stories and photos but we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all doing fabulously well and I’ll check in again sometime next week.


still here

August 15, 2012

We are still in Nome. We were planning to fly to Kotzebue this afternoon but because of bad weather, our flight didn’t land and there was no airplane to take us away. We had a quick scramble to re-book on the same flight tomorrow, and to reorganize our hotel situation. Happily, everything worked out!

It was a leisurely day. We visited the museum (lots of very neat-o photos and artifacts), checked out the gift shops (one of them had some great ivory) and took in the local signage.

I took cover from the wind in a dredge bucket.

We climbed over the rocks to wander along the beach and Mr. TK put his hand into Norton Sound.

It isn’t outright cold here, but today was a gray, drizzly, and windy day. I am glad we brought our rain coats and walked around this morning, and it was nice to have time this afternoon to hunker down with a cup of coffee and a book.

There’s no place like Nome

August 14, 2012

I’m traveling with the fam and today, we are in Nome. Nome is fantastic! We spent a few hours looking around – here are a few of the pictures we took.

Gold dredgers just offshore in Norton Sound. Technically, this is kind of mining is recreational though with gold prices so high it is also a difficult but still pretty good way to make a living. Just like gold panning, where the heavier gold falls to the bottom of the pan as water rinses gravel and sand away, these people use the same kind of agitation/rinsing method to separate gold from sand, gravel and mud scooped from the bottom of Norton Sound. The tricky piece of the puzzle is that getting material to sift requires putting on a wet suit and diving to the floor of the Sound.

Migratory people used to camp along the Sound to hunt and fish in the summer months. Here I am, standing in a recessed area where a pit house used to stand. The structure was half underground and covered with wood, skins, or sod (depending upon place and season).

There are wild berries and mosses covering the ground.

A little further on, we found a small herd of musk ox! People! Musk ox!! It was very, very exciting. They are quite lovely. Here’s a close-up of one of the larger animals.

And at the end of the road, we saw what our guide called The Trains to Nowhere. It’s a collection of steam engines that were first used to power elevated trains in New York City. When the city upgraded the transit system, the engines were no longer needed. Six of the decommissioned engines were shipped to Nome to carry equipment for a hard rock gold mining operation from the coast to the mine. The engines were stranded after a flood and even though I know they don’t belong here, they are incredibly beautiful in contrast against the gray sky, blue hills and bright yellow-green grass.

front hall swap meet

August 11, 2012

This text buzzed through mid-morning on Friday:

“I just won front hall swap meet.”

The message was from Mr. TK and meant that while passing through the lobby of our apartment building, he’d found a wonderful (free) thing on the bench inside the entry. It’s a take one/leave one kind of place; people leave books, housewares, and even furniture and appliances. Until Mr. TK moved in with his cat and proper full-size vacuum, I was using a tiny battery-powered (and purple!) sweeper, found in the lobby.

Anyway, this is his, and my, most recent prize –

Pretty great, right? We’ve already skimmed through most of them and I’ve come away happily content that most of it is crazy-talk and the rest, the good parts, are things we’re already doing.

Well, just in case all of this hasn’t been enough to tip you off, Mr. TK asked me to marry him 3 weeks ago today and I said yes. We’re getting married!

No ring for this Knitter, Mr. TK got a charm bracelet for me, and is going to add a charm here and there as we go through life. The first charm is a peanut – so sweet.


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